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Thank you, Shanaz, again, for all that you have done for us. Too bad we did not do this a lot sooner. It sure opened our eyes and life is a lot less stressful when you don’t receive phone calls from creditors. Thanks again.

God bless you all.

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Debt Consolidation in Edmonton & the Surrounding Area

How do Debt Consolidation Loans in the Edmonton Area Bring Relief?
One way to lighten the hardship of multiple monthly bills and lessen the amount of your hard-earned money being thrown away on interest is obtaining a debt consolidation loan.

Consolidating your debt allows you to combine several payments – which might fluctuate individually and can be substantially large together – into one smaller, more manageable payment that will be the same month to month. And you save money on interest because secured loans cost less than credit card rates.
Looking for a Loan but Suffering from Bad Credit or No Credit at All? 
If you are considering credit consolidation in Edmonton and difficulties in the past have hurt your credit score, you've come to the right place! A.C. Waring & Associates will help you get back on your feet if you have bad credit and/or piling unpaid debts. We feel confident that the economic problems of the past few years in no way reflect your general willingness to fulfill your financial obligations - that's why we're proud to offer solutions to help those with poor or no credit. Our professionals will explain the options available to you.

Let A.C. Waring & Associates help you determine if OPD or consolidation loans in Edmonton and the surrounding areas are the right choice for your financial relief. Call today to discuss your options at 1-800-463-3328 or 780-424-9944.

Orderly Payment of Debts


  • Your debts at 5% interest are repaid fully over an average of four years based on your ability to pay.
  • OPD (Orderly Payment for Debts) may stop some creditors from taking further action against you.
  • The credit industry views OPD positively since they may be paid back more money than if some other alternative were chosen.
  • A repayment plan can be set up as monthly payments which could also be a way of practicing budgeting skills.
  • A restructured payment plan will avoid, or in some cases, delay bankruptcy.


  • Obligations for alimony, child maintenance or payments to secured creditors are not altered.
  • Real effort must be made to repay over 3-4 years.
  • Some credit agencies consider OPD processing no different from bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Taxes from reassessments may make it impossible for you to fund your proposal.
  • Creditors still have the right to garnishee wages or seize your assets if any payments are missed.
  • It may be more expensive than bankruptcy.

Debt Consolidation Loans


  • May be able to get an interest rate lower than most credit card rates.
  • Repayment means avoiding bankruptcy or OPD.
  • Credit rating may not be affected much.
  • Terms of repayment may be more manageable.
  • Consolidation may make payment seem easier as one lump payment versus many different payments.


  • There may be no opportunity to renegotiate the terms of debt or the amount of payback.
  • The co-signer on any of your loans will still have to pay the loan. Any assets pledged will be seized if debt payment lapses.
  • There is no protection for you from creditors who are not covered by the loan proceeds.
  • The loan interest rate will be higher than OPD.

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