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Financial Debt Help – Stress Indicator Checklist

Personal & Business Debt Crisis
Sometimes, financial troubles can get out of control quickly, before you’ve even realized it. Having bad debt and being chased by creditors can be extremely stressful, often causing people to adopt behaviours that make the situation worse.

Go through the applicable list below and see if these indicators reflect what is happening in your life today. If you find yourself checking off several of these, this is likely a signal that your debt problems are serious and need to be addressed immediately.

Don’t hesitate – call our office today and get on the road to financial recovery.

Check Your Personal Debt Stress Indicators

  • Credit Refusals
  • Support Payment Problems
  • Pressure from Bill Collectors
  • Depression
  • Unpaid Bills Piling Up
  • Support Payment Problems
  • Fear of Foreclosure or Losing Your Car
  • Arguments over Money Problems
  • Credit Cards Past Due
  • Gambling Losses
  • Pawning, Borrowing, Stealing
  • Repeatedly Asking Relatives for Money
  • Using One Credit Card to Pay off Another
  • Anger at Creditor Calls
  • Unexpected Job Loss
  • Feeling Alone & Hopeless

Check Your Business Debt Stress Indicators

  • Loan Demand
  • Inability to Meet Payroll
  • Suppliers Pressuring for Payment
  • Anxiety
  • Failure to Pay Monthly Rent / Lease
  • Behind in Taxes
  • Downturn in the Market
  • Customer Base Decreasing
  • Bailiff Seizures
  • Merger or Break-Up
  • Multiple Re-Mortgaging
  • Internal Misappropriation of Funds
  • Corporate Funds Depleted
  • Personal Funds Depleted
  • More Cash Going out Than In
  • Depression

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